Sunday, 18 November 2012

How to install external apk to our Android Emulator Easy way?

    Step 1: Get the apk you want to install.

    Step 2: Select the the DDMS option in your Eclipse.

    Step 3: Go to File Explorer(Refer the image)

   Step 4: With in the File Explorer select Data-->apps. There is a list of application installed in our emulator.

   Step 5: Select any one from there.

   Step 6: Now, Click the mobile icon(on the Right side of our File Explorer) to push the apk file to Device.

  Step 7: Now, select the apk you want to install from your computer.

  Step 8: apk will install successfully, now go to your emulator(search the
              app now install) there is a application which we install now.


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